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What Makes a Job “Great”?

“How’s your job?”

It’s a common question, but a loaded one too. In a 2018 report by Gallup, 7% of the world’s 3.3 billion adults who are working or looking for work say they have a “great job.”

Chances are, you’re in the 93% who don’t think they have a great job. There are many potential reasons that employees list for job dissatisfaction and it’s often a combination of factors, not just one:

  • Stress – 60%
  • Pay – 44%
  • Work / life balance – 55%
  • Lagging technology – 45%
  • Drudgery – 62%
  • Job below skill level – 80%
  • Not being valued by employer – 35%
  • No opportunity for learning and development – 60%
  • Boss or manager – 33%
  • Company culture – 33%

Life’s too short to not have a great job! At Teknologize, we’ve made it a point to create an environment and culture that lets people enjoy the work that they do and the time that they spend here so they can better enjoy their life away from work.  Some of the things that people love about working here:

  • Regular business hours Monday-Friday with limited work after hours and weekends
  • Consistent training and certification across new technologies, software and services
  • Great medical / dental / vision covered by Teknologize
  • 401k plan with employer contribution
  • Flexible spending account option
  • Paid time off and paid holidays
  • Investment in leadership skills
  • Fun, friendly atmosphere with a sense of enjoyment across staff
  • Better work / life balance and respect for people’s personal time
  • Family-friendly events and celebrations
  • Fully stocked kitchen for all employees
  • Nintendo Switch in the breakroom for relaxation and fun
  • Regularly provided staff lunches
  • Community involvement
  • Empowerment within your job responsibilities
  • Feeling of family and camaraderie

If any of this sounds like what you’re missing in your current job, Teknologize might be the place for you.  Check out our job postings and see if there’s a position that’s right for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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