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Twas the night before Christmas – Teknologize style

‘Twas the night before Christmas at Teknologize. Not a tech to be seen, to everyone’s surprise. Computers were sleeping, the monitors were black; Empty on Christmas, then all would be back.

Our clients were nestled all snug in their beds ‘Cause they’re all “Worry-Free” with no cares in their heads. And Byron with his five kids and Dan with just one Were home playing games, drinking ‘nog, having fun.

When out at a substation there was a great “pop,” And the lights all went off, celebrations did stop! Away to their cell phones, flew Byron and Dan, Started checking the damage across all the land.

The power had gone down from Richland to Pasco And Kennewick, and West Richland, what a fiasco! They knew that poor Tom would get calls left and right, ‘Cause he was on call for this holiday night.

So they texted between them, “Let’s get all the crew. If we all work together, there’s nothing we can’t do!” So they opened a group chat, their fingers did burn As they typed all their name into phones all in turn:

“Hey Gaspar, Joe, Jason, and Wyatt and Damon, And Tyler and Charlie and Robert and Brandon, Katrina and Linsey, Anissa and yes, Malcom and Aaron and Elizabeth. We’ve got a small crisis, can you help us to fix it?” They all replied, “Yes!”, and they checked all the tickets.

The damage was lessened from proactive thinking. The UPS units were charged, none were blinking. Some servers had gone down, but those had rebooted: From remote power management – it’s standard, well-suited.

The backups were backing up, none were affected, No data was lost and no info neglected. The firewalls worked, bad emails they were blocking From hackers who should receive coal in their stockings.

It wasn’t too long ‘til all issues were fine, And everyone’s servers were up and online. The switches were switching, the wi-fi connected, All systems were solid, secure and protected.

“Thank you,” said Byron. He was glad that was through. All the techs logged off promptly with a “Good night to you.” A Christmas miracle? Not hardly. You see, It’s just what we mean when we say “worry-free”.

At this cold festive season, we wish you the best: May you make precious memories, and get lots of rest. Whether working or not, we’ll be here to help out So that you can get back to your business, no doubt.

So remember our hours, eight to five as you know And from Monday to Friday, come rain or snow. But a reminder to all of our clients: we’ll say Christmas Day we’re not working, nor on New Year’s Day!

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