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“Not only was the software installed on all the computers I needed it on, Gaspar made sure that we knew how to get started using it. I always appreciate the work you all do for us. Thanks.”

Cathleen, Fat Boy’s Fleet Services 

“Everyone from the team is always amazing and professional! Thank you!”

Theresa, Pay Plus Benefits

“Quick response. I knew it was immediately taken care of.”

Ama, DentalWest

“Christian came right on site when we were hard down and that helped relieve some stress from the on-duty physicians. Christian was able to get us back up and running in a relatively quick amount of time and he was able to provide us with the reasons that the server went down. Then he even followed up with how Ramsoft will try to prevent this from happening in the future, which is nice to know.”

Jennifer, Tri-City Radiology

“You guys are always prompt and helpful!”

Julie, Telquist Ziobro McMillen Clare, PLLC

“Teknologize is quick to respond with all questions and concerns and even come straight over to our office if need be! We highly recommend their exceptional service and superior staff!”

Amanda, Almond Orthodontics

“Every person I have dealt with in your office will bend over backwards to help us. Even when it isn't your problem to fix. My tech guys all tried to do multiple tests on my computer and pulled Evergreen tech support into a three way call. Gaspar was just the last tech who helped my whole office. Thanks so much. They ALL don't make me feel stupid because of my lack of knowledge. Thanks again!”

Laurie, Physicians Immediate Care

“Staff was quick to make sure that we weren't bringing a virus into the system. Everything was seamless and took little time and disruption.”

Lori, Physicians Immediate Care

“Denton is very knowledgeable and efficient. He helped me with a scary situation with my computer and explained how to fix it if it happens in the future. Thank you, Denton!”

Julie, Freestone Environmental Services

“Problem addressed and solved very quickly!”

Gary, Paragon Corporate Housing

“Fixed while I was out, I truly wasn’t needed to solve. Denton always communicates well with our team.”

Vickie, Pay Plus Benefits

“Teknologize is always very kind and helpful!”

Kimberly, Paragon Corporate Housing