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Killing the Status Quo: Stop Fixing the Same IT Issues Over and Over

Restarting your server every day at noon to prevent it from crashing isn’t normal.  That’s bad IT. And you don’t have to live with it.

How many times have you heard someone say, “it is what it is”? Probably a lot. And while it’s a catchy phrase, it implies that “it” can’t be anything else. It’s time to look beyond what it is to what it could be.

The problem is conditioning.  We often get conditioned to the way things are and live with inconveniences and problems, especially in the world of IT and technology. But no one deserves to live with inferior IT.

It’s time to kill the status quo.  Stop accepting slow or inconsistent networks and processing. Technical issues and frustrations should not be a part of daily work life. You deserve reliability and speed to get your job done without IT interruptions.

We hear the pain across many companies:

  • “We keep losing access to our database!”– usually on the busiest days
  • “The server is always crashing!”– while saving a huge document
  • “Our wireless connection is inconsistent!”– while hosting a webinar
  • “The printer won’t work!”– before a big presentation
  • “Our network is too slow!”– making employees frustrated

You shouldn’t accept excuses for any of these recurring issues – they waste company time and money. In many cases, IT helpdesks simply find workarounds or apply bandages to curb the bleeding rather than diagnosing the problem to cure it.  Again, that’s bad IT.

Our Experienced IT Team at Teknologize Can Help

The IT helpdesk and internal processes at Teknologize diagnose, track, and help resolve these issues. We analyze incidents to identify common problems and then create a plan to resolve these recurring issues. Rather than working around the same issue again and again, we pinpoint the underlying cause and fix it once and for all. The result? Prevention of future incidents – saving you time, money and frustration.

No one should suffer with bad IT. If you’re ready to make the switch, give us a call at 509-396-6641. Say no to the status quo and move from bad IT to Worry-Free IT from Teknologize.

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