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The Tri-Cities’ Future Is Technology

By Byron Martin and Ty Mulholland | Tri-City Herald September 2018 | View Article

We’re living in the Age of Technology. Everything is plugged in, your car, your thermostat, your fridge, even your doorbell. You can’t get to work, do your job, order lunch, talk to your doctor, check out at the grocery store or communicate with your kids without technology. We don’t use technology anymore, we consume it. The day of being disconnected is dead. Practically every business functions because of technology and understanding how to maximize it is paramount to stay relevant.

While businesses are evolving because of the ever-changing technology that is around them, there are those companies that are helping to create and employ those technologies to help businesses thrive. Some of those companies are in our own backyard. In fact, there are more technology companies in the Tri-Cities than you know.

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