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Northwest Cybersecurity Symposium

Teknologize is pleased to sponsor the upcoming Northwest Cybersecurity Symposium on April 8-10 in the new Discovery Hall at PNNL. Teknologize is also honored to have one of its staff, Aaron Welling, present at the symposium.  Aaron’s presentation, “Changing the Business and Customer Service Mindset to Combat Social Engineering,” will share how hackers and social engineers are exploiting current customer service and empowerment philosophies to gain access to personal and business info. He will also be talking about what organizations can do from a behavioral standpoint to be less vulnerable to social engineering.

With cybersecurity becoming a bigger threat every year, we see this as an important event to help businesses and individuals stay current in this ever-changing environment. And with the event right in our backyard, we invite businesses to attend to better understand what the future holds. See you there!

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