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Cybersecurity Basics can Protect Businesses from Data Breaches

By: Michelle Dupler Tri-Cities Journal of Business, September 2017 | Read Article

BBB reports one in four small businesses affected by cyberattacks. Whether its ransomware, viruses, data theft or some other cybersecurity risk, a network breach can be one of a business owner’s worst nightmares — costing time, money and reputation. It was estimated that American businesses lose more than $400 billion per year to cyberattacks, with one in four small businesses affected by this issue. Experts say that many businesses can better protect themselves simply by being aware of threats and covering some basics. “We see even in large organizations there’s still a lot of companies not doing the basics,” said Byron Martin, owner of Teknologize in Kennewick. The article covers updates and backups, remote work vulnerabilities, watching out for freebies, and why training is key.

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