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5 tips to reduce your vulnerability to cyberattacks

Six trillion dollars.

It’s a large sum and one that warrants a better understanding. How much is $6,000,000,000,000?

It’s the estimated cost of the war on terror.
It’s slightly larger than the gross domestic product of Japan ($5.4 trillion).
It’s six times the value of Apple.
And it’s the projected annual cost of cybercrimes by 2021. In 2015, it was $3 trillion.

Cybercrime has become a global nightmare. It affects all businesses, large and small, as well as nonprofits and municipalities.

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Learn how to protect your business from “the next evolution of ransomware”

A California health care clinic will close its doors in December after the provider was unable to recover patient records that were encrypted by ransomware this summer.

Earlier this year, a Spokane medical group had to pay hackers nearly $15,000 to decrypt patient information that was held hostage in a ransomware attack.

This summer, the governor of Louisiana declared a state of emergency after cyberattacks happened to multiple school districts. 

And as recently as Tuesday, a report detailed that ten hospitals – three in Alabama and seven in Australia – were hit with paralyzing ransomware attacks that are affecting their ability to take new patients.

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Cybersecurity Breakfast Series: The Evolution of RansomCloud

Your business runs on email, so losing access to how you connect with customers, vendors, and the rest of your organization would be crippling to your bottom line. But the latest evolution of ransomware threatens to do just that. RansomCloud can infect and encrypt your hosted email as well as lock you out of OneDrive…

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This year’s Tech Summit will highlight ‘origins’ of technology rooted in Tri-Cities

The technology industry isn’t normally associated with Eastern Washington, but local tech industry movers are hoping to change that.

On Thursday, industry leaders and entrepreneurs will gather in Richland on Thursday for the second annual Tri-Cities Tech Summit. The goal of the event, hosted by Teknologize and the Tri-Cities Research District, is to bring together local innovators and organizations to reflect on what’s already being done as well as share new technologies and discuss how it is changing business and creating opportunities in the Tri-Cities specifically.

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Tech Summit 2019 Highlights Innovation

When asking people for a word to describe the Tri-Cities, some of the answers that you hear might be wine, water sports, Hanford, agriculture or tumbleweeds. The last thing you would expect to hear is “technology.”

What most people don’t realize is that the Tri-Cities has a long and storied past linked to technology. And today, there are some very innovative companies that are either using technology as their product or as a catalyst to better grow their business.

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Tri-Cities Tech Summit 2019: Origins

Teknologize, Managed Squared, and the Tri-Cities Research District, the hosts of the second annual Tri-Cities Tech Summit, are pleased to announce that Paul Jarrett, co-founder and CEO of Bulu Box, will be the keynote speaker for this year’s Summit. Paul Jarrett is a Subscription Box champion and Midwest entrepreneur. He launched million-dollar brands like Neebo…

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Webinar: Improving your Human Firewall. Lessons in Social Engineering

Your security is only as strong as your weakest link. Attend this webinar to learn how social engineering works, and how to recognize it in action, before it’s too late! Lessons in Social Engineering: What is social engineering? Phishing, SMiShing, and Vishing tactics How to make sure you’re not tricked Tips and tools to combat…

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State of Technology – Connect Magazine

Technology has never been so important to businesses and individuals as it is today. It is difficult to find any company or person that doesn’t rely on technology on a daily, if not hourly, basis. From the cars we drive to the supply of power we enjoy to the work that we accomplish on computers, tablets, and mobile phones, technology has become engrained in almost everything we do.  It’s how we work and how we live, and that technology is increasing exponentially. And yet, we don’t think much of it. It was only 12 years ago that the first smartphone was launched. Today, 95% of 12-year-olds in the US have access to one.  The adoption rate of new technology is staggering.  Embracing that technology can be to your benefit both in business and personal life.

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Webinar: Hack the hacker. Practical employee training to keep your business safe.

Your security is only as strong as your weakest link. This training covers everything your employees need to keep your company’s data and devices safe. Employee awareness of cybersecurity threats Social engineering 101 How to spot a phishing email Keeping information safe and secure Best practices to prevent disaster Learn What You Can Do Please…

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Top 3 Cybersecurity Threats for Small Businesses in 2019

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more prevalent, and many small businesses are worried about what it could mean to their company.  This presentation talks about three of the most important issues and what you can do about them. Presented by Teknologize and Joe Peterson Insurance Agency. Reserve your spot TODAY!!

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