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Teknologize Tech Summit

The Tri-Cities’ Future Is Technology

We’re living in the Age of Technology. Everything is plugged in — your car, your thermostat, your fridge, even your doorbell. You can’t get to work, do your job, order lunch, talk to your doctor, check out at the grocery store or communicate with your kids without technology.

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Teknologize Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Basics can Protect Businesses from Data Breaches

BBB reports one in four small businesses affected by cyberattacks. Whether its ransomware, viruses, data theft or some other cybersecurity risk, a network breach can be one of a business owner’s worst nightmares — costing time, money and reputation.

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Hit the Bricks

Teknologize Inc., a WA-based Datto partner, recently deployed over 30 Datto AP60 Access Points in a housing facility for government researchers in Richland, WA. The installation posed some challenges, according to Senior Network Engineer, Daniel Morgan. “There were a number of issues we had to work around,” he said. “But mesh networking was well suited to address them. We looked at Ruckus and Xirrus as well, but ultimately chose Datto for the mesh capability.”

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Byron Martin Teknologize

2014 Young Professionals Show Leadership and Give Back To Community

This is the seventh year the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business has sought out outstanding professionals and business leaders to include in this Young Professionals edition. We received many great nominations this year and it was difficult for the judges to pare the deep pool of talented individuals who applied.

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