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Killing the Status Quo: Stop Waiting for the IT Guy to Show Up at His Convenience

Spending hours or days waiting for your IT guy to arrive isn’t worth it. That’s bad IT. And you don’t have to live with it. 

Technology is amazing, especially when it comes to how efficient and productive it can make our lives and our businesses. That is of course until something goes wrong with our devices – perhaps it’s ransomware, a network failure, or crashed server. At that point, all seems lost and the IT guy is contacted. Unfortunately, he’s busy with days’ worth of client work orders. Now you’re left to wait and worry until someone comes to fix the problem. And until the problem is fixed, your operations can’t resume as usual.  

It may be that when your company’s IT fails you depend on the accounting lady to take care of miscellaneous IT problems – after all she seems to be pretty good with technology. But she’s often in meetings and busy with her own daily tasks and activities therefore she can’t always fix IT issues immediately. When you’re a paying customer for IT Services, you shouldn’t have to wait. You also shouldn’t have to depend on a member of your staff to save the day. 

It’s time to kill the status quo. Stop dealing with slow or unavailable IT personnel. You deserve a reliable partner. 

At Teknologize, we believe a reliable Managed IT partner:

  • Provides immediate support to your needs
  • Treats your IT functions as an ongoing process
  • Takes a proactive approach to minimize IT disruptions 
  • Views their role as an extension of your company
  • Monitors your network and servers constantly
  • Knows cybersecurity measures are extremely critical

You deserve to be a priority. You should never have to twiddle your thumbs until a problem is fixed, especially when it comes to running your business.

Our Top-Rated IT Team at Teknologize Can Help

Stop waiting for the IT guy to show up when he’s ready. Hire the Managed IT partner that will be there for you at all times, sometimes even before you know you need them. It really is amazing how much we can accomplish when technology works the way it’s supposed to.  

No one should suffer with bad IT. If you’re ready to make the switch, give us a call at 509-396-6641. Say no to the status quo and move from bad IT to Worry-Free IT from Teknologize.

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