Killing the Status Quo: Stop Stressing over the Fluctuating Cost of IT each Month

Don’t think you’re saving money because you only pay for IT when something breaks. It costs you more in the long run. And you don’t need the stress.

Many companies pay for their IT expenses as problems occur: a “pay as you break” model. Which is great, as long as everything’s working correctly. <<knock on wood>> 

The problem is, not everything works perfectly every month. And when Murphy shows up, the IT bill goes up too. When that perfect storm hits, your IT provider can spend dozens of hours fixing problems and you get a hefty bill, maxing out your IT budget.

The “pay as you break” model has many downsides to it: 

  • Companies often wait until a tech problem goes from bad to worse to avoid the IT bills. This limits productivity and often exacerbates the problem.
  • It’s a big strain on your business to pay for problems when they happen instead of a monthly bill that doesn’t change. And it’s too much stress you don’t need.
  • When unexpected IT bills show up, it takes money away from other important parts of your business: marketing, hiring, equipment purchases, etc. 
  • It sounds less expensive. However, when you consider the downtime as you waited for the problem to get worse and the cost from a bigger problem. In addition, your time and stress, you’re paying much more in the long run. 

Inconsistent and unexpected IT bills shouldn’t be the norm. That’s bad IT. And it can be avoided.

It’s time to kill the status quo. At Teknologize, we believe that a monthly IT bill shouldn’t break your budget. We believe that you deserve a consistent spend on IT with the best service possible. No matter what issues might arise during the month. 

You should be able to build your IT budget into your monthly finances and never worry about spending more than you planned. You should never have to wait to get a problem fixed. You deserve to be able to call your IT provider stress-free, without the worry of spending an arm and a leg. 

Our Model Makes Your IT Bill Worry-Free

Our team at Teknologize works to find what is best for your company and your budget. That translates into a consistent monthly fee: whether we spend two hours or 200 to keep you up and running, you pay the same amount.

Your IT services and your IT budgets should be worry free. Say no to the status quo and move from bad IT to Worry-Free IT from Teknologize.