Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Your business should adopt security intelligence and preemptive measures immediately!

Cyber Security: What's the Big Deal?

You hear it on the news: hacks, breaches, and ransomware seem to be everywhere these days. No one is immune, large or small. It’s a money making criminal enterprise with sophisticated, socially-engineered attacks. There is at least one employee who will click on anything, and that’s all it takes.

This is organized crime that continues to become more aggressive and more innovative. As a result, it’s an epidemic with few repercussions for the ones at fault. Consequently, last year security breaches alone cost businesses an estimated $75 billion.

What Can You Do?

Teknologize’s experience and knowledge will greatly mitigate your risk. First, we perform security assessments to find those weaknesses. Next, we conduct ongoing security management that gives you granular insights into how well you are protected and what your technical and corporate exposure is.

Finally, we regularly assist our clients that deal with industry security regulations from healthcare, banking, and utilities. From complex SSAE 16 requirements, Homeland Security regulations, and HIPAA compliance to small and mid-sized business needs, we'll give you a competitive advantage in today's modern technology warfare.