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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Your business should adopt security intelligence and preemptive measures immediately!

Cyber Security: What's the Big Deal?

You hear about cyber security on the news often. Hacks, breaches, phishing and ransomware seem to be everywhere these days. As a result, no company is safe, large or small. Cyber crime is a money making enterprise with skilled and socially-engineered attacks. Unfortunately one innocent, click on a bad link  is all it takes to cause a large amount of damage.

Cyber security is an organized crime that continues to become more aggressive and more innovative. As a result, it’s an epidemic with few penalties for the ones at fault. Consequently, the global cost of cybercrime for 2017 was almost $600 billion. That is to say that nobody can afford to ignore the high costs of cybercrime. Therefore, cyber security precautions are a “better safe than sorry” matter.

At Teknologize we help businesses in the Tri-Cities with security mitigation. We do so by implementing cyber security and data protection.

What Should You Do?

Above all, you need to mitigate your security risks, this includes malware, ransomware, data breaches and much more. At Teknologize we have a process to majorly decrease security risks. First, we perform security assessments to find weaknesses. Next, we conduct ongoing security management that gives you granular insights into how well you are protected and what your technical and corporate exposure is.

We regularly assist our clients that deal with industry security regulations from healthcare, banking, agriculture, and utilities. From complex SSAE 16 requirements, Homeland Security regulations, and HIPAA compliance to small and mid-sized business needs. Above all, we will give you a competitive advantage in today's modern technology warfare.

Lastly, cyber security is not going to become any less important in the coming years. In fact, cyber security will become more and more important as we become more connected. As a result, we can expect increases in cyber-attacks with more devastating losses. We encourage you to be proactive and worry free. It is in your best interest to improve your cyber security in the Tri-Cities.

Learn more on our blog: Protect Your Business and Your Customers from a Data Breach.

Contact us today to chat about how we can get you set up with top notch cyber security!

We’re here to serve business’s in the Tri-Cities, WA with premiere helpdesk and Worry-Free IT services.

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