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What’s all the Hype? A Quick Glance at Microsoft Teams

Curious what all the hype is around Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is the ultimate chat-based collaboration app for your organization. A workspace that allows you to chat, meet, have an audio or video call, share files and utilize Office 365 apps with everyone you work with all in one place. No matter where you are.

To get started, here are the basics to your shared workspace.

  • Chats can be private 1:1, group chats, or you can have conversations within a Team Channel. The conversations are saved and easily searchable. The use of @mentions tags specific team member(s) in the chat.
  • Users can create Teams, where you can add members for specific work, projects or interest groups. Each Team has subsections called Channels organized by topic or department. Within the Channels is where you have conversations, share files, have meetings, and add Office 365 apps. At the top of each channel, you’ll find Tabs that will filter via conversations, shared files, apps, etc. For example, you can create a “Marketing” Team and then have Channels such as “Blog Posts”, “Email Campaigns”, “Social Media”, etc. When there is a new chat or activity the Channel will show as bold.
  • In Calendar you can see what you have planned for the day and week or schedule a meeting. This calendar syncs with your outlook calendar. To get to an online teams meeting, select join from the calendar.
  • In a Meeting, you can share your screen to show content from your device or record the meeting.
  • Go to Activity for a view of all your @mentions, unread messages, replies, and more.
  • Use the Command Box to search for specific items, people or apps. For example, type in @weather, enter location or zip code and the forecast for the day will be displayed.
  • Apps makes it easier to not have to leave Teams to get your work done. There are hundreds of apps and services available including Office apps, apps for productivity, project management, sales and even social and fun apps.
  • The Help feature in teams allows you to search for topics or choose from the most popular, access to video training, as well as see what’s new in Microsoft Teams.

Interested in learning how Microsoft Teams can help your business?

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