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Don’t Eat Salad

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you know how AWESOME it would be if you had someone to walk around with you and slap unhealthy food out of your hand. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, not all of us can have that luxury in our dieting.

We can, however, have that luxury in our activities on the internet, and now you do!

Teknologize is proud to offer and introduce yet another layer of security to all our clients that slaps the bad websites and programs right out of your hands anytime you try to click them.

Did you know that most attacks aren’t the result of sophisticated movie type hacks? No, instead most security breaches are due to individuals clicking or opening something they weren’t supposed to.

We recognize that there are many security threats out there, most of which target the average business computer user. For example, suppose you see a link either in a website, or your email or perhaps you install an application on your computer. Many times, these links or programs are disguised to look like something they are not, perhaps stating that they come from but in reality, come from and go somewhere else. How is one to know?

To illustrate, you’re on your diet so you’re trying to eat healthy and so you opt for a salad. Little do you know that the salad actually has more fat, carbs and calories than the large fries! That’s where Teknologize jumps in and slaps that salad right out of your hand! Why? Because Teknologize has the insider information to know that the link, or in this example the salad, is bad for you and you certainly don’t want that in your system. Our security systems monitor inbound and outbound traffic against known and unknown patterns that could indicate a security concern.

This offering does much more to protect your network, everything from URL filtering, to reporting, to botnet detection, and best of all these benefits are available whether you are in the office or on the go! So, when you see an image like the one attached, know that Teknologize is protecting your machine, your network, and your business. Truly it’s like having one of our technicians ready to slap your hand away from the mouse everywhere you go! We certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings though, so don’t push it.

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