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COVID-19 Return to Work Plan

As a Managed Information Technology Services Provider, and an essential critical infrastructure business, Teknologize has continued to operate and provide IT support to our clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past 12 weeks, we’ve functioned with many of our staff working remotely, limited onsite client visits, constant office sanitation, and in-office social distancing.

As we follow the phased approach to recovery in continued support of our clients, our staff will begin to return to normal in-office operations.

Here is our response to COVID-19 in keeping the health and wellness of our team and clients a top priority. 

  • Workspaces and Common Areas: Continued social distancing, no eating permitted in the breakroom, no more than 2 people in the kitchen, no more than three people in the conference room at one time.
  • Communication: Continue to utilize Microsoft Teams for video and chat functions for internal discussions and meetings. Do not share/pass physical documents. Invoices will be sent electronically.
  • Cleaning and Hygiene: Common spaces and fixtures will be disinfected daily. Employees will disinfect their workspace daily. Employees should continue to exercise excessive hand washing habits. Temperature checks will be completed for each employee arriving to the office. If sick, stay home.
  • Onsite Visits: We will continue to limit travel to client sites. Hands must be washed before leaving, upon arrival, upon departure, and once back in the office. Facemasks must be worn onsite. Company vehicles disinfected upon return.
  • Childcare: Flexibility will continue to be allowed for those with childcare needs and homeschooling. Employees must communicate schedule the week prior with management.

Our employee’s willingness to be flexible and resilient during this time has been critical to our organization’s success and humbling to witness. We are dedicated to taking the necessary precautions to keep our staff and clients safe.

Has COVID-19 changed your IT needs?

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