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Protecting children online

If it seems like your kids know more about the internet than you do, you’re probably not too far off. A 2016 study found that kids are getting cell phones earlier in life, and the average age for getting a first smartphone is 10.3 years old, down from 12 years old in 2012. On top…

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Can AI help your small business?

AI is coming, though not in the apocalyptic, Skynet, get-off-the-grid, “the machines are going to rise up and use us as batteries” way we feared because of the Terminator and Matrix franchises.  In fact, for most people, AI is already a part of your daily life. If you use Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, if…

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Why co-managed IT services is the next wave for IT in 2020

Running IT at a business is more complicated than ever. Today’s IT professional has so much more on their plate than ever before. Between constantly changing or emerging technologies, finding and hiring experienced talent, training on new systems, keeping up with patching and updates, the day-to-day service tickets, and the added burden of cybersecurity, it’s…

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5 Tips for Online Holiday Shopping

Shopping season is coming up quick, and with it come the scammers, hackers, and ne’er-do-wells that would love to steal your credit card info so they can fill their stockings this Christmas. Here are a few quick tips for online shopping in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Only shop on trusted sites. Those…

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5 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Phone from Juice-Jacking

We’ve all been there. You’re in the airport and need to quickly charge your phone before you jump on your plane. Fortunately, airports now have convenient charging stations where you can use your USB to charge your phone. But, that charging station at the airport isn’t as innocent as you think. In fact, it could…

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New computer buying guide: SSD or HDD?

If you’ve put off buying that new computer before Windows 7 goes the way of the dinosaur, you’re probably trying to figure out what to buy. One question that comes up when buying a new computer is the hard drive, specifically whether to buy a solid-state drive (SSD) or a hard disk drive (HDD). For…

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Five tips for better password management

Passwords used to get us into cool places like speakeasies or club treehouses, now they simply get us onto our computers or online.  If you’re the average person, you have many different accounts (23 on average) that require a password: work computer, home computer, iTunes, Amazon, Gmail, Facebook, TurboTax, the list goes on and on.…

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Are you ready for your HIPAA audit?

If you handle healthcare information of any type, you’ve had HIPAA grilled into your brain over the last few years. HIPAA has been around since 1996 and was designed to protect American consumers’ healthcare info from fraud and theft. In 1996, this wasn’t as difficult to do – records might be stolen, but they were…

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Embracing Technology with Open Eyes

Technology has never been so important to businesses and individuals as it is today. It is difficult to find any company or person that doesn’t rely on technology on a daily, if not hourly, basis. From the cars we drive to the supply of power we enjoy to the work that we accomplish on computers,…

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