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4 Simple Tips to Keep Your Business Email Secure

There are many valuable tips for keeping your business email secure, such as using strong passwords, security awareness training for your employees, avoiding public Wi-Fi, and utilizing effective antivirus software.  Here are some additional tips that can add an extra layer of security for your organization.

  1. Enable MFA: Many people use the same password across multiple log-ins. Multi-factor authentication prompts a user for an additional form of identification upon sign-in such as a numerical code sent via text. Even if a hacker has your email and password, they would need access to this code in order to log in.
  2. Disable automatic forwarding to external email addresses: This could be a big security risk. Let’s say a hacker has an employee’s email and password. They log into Office 365 and set up the forward function to send all these emails to their personal gmail account. Yikes!!  Think about the implications this could have with HIPAA laws or regulatory compliance not to mention data privacy.
  3. Backup Office 365 and G Suite: O365 and G Suite do not provide protection against data loss due to hackers, ransomware, malware, malicious insiders or departing employees. An attacker may attempt to gain administrative access to your Office 365 account via phishing and hold your data hostage. Make sure you have proper backups of your email to prevent data loss.
  4. Disable International logins: Another way to improve email security is to block logins from other countries. Hackers are global. At minimum block all countries except those that you do business with or have business travel to/from.

Everyone uses email for internal and external communication. It’s also an effective entry for hackers to access your domain, commonly via phishing attacks.  Keep your email safe!

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